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The East Bay Mystery Readers’ Group (EBMRG) formed in January 1994. The group meets from 7–9 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month.

The group is set up on MeetUp at http://www.meetup.com/East-Bay-Mystery-Readers-Group/. This will make it easy for you to join us, RSVP starting at noon on the Saturday prior to each meeting, and under “Discussions” provides another spot to find the upcoming discussion books. There will be dues charged of $2/meeting, payable when you attend, to offset the fees MeetUp charges us.

Each month we discuss the three (3) books which had been chosen previously by the group. Some people will have read all three, some only one, and some haven't had a chance to read any of the books, but we still like people to come. Our remote members are welcome, and encouraged, to send in their comments prior to the meeting so they may be included.

EBMRG's currently-reading book montage
EBMRG 31 members
The East Bay Mystery Readers' Group - New members, both local and remote, are welcome! Walden P...

Books we're currently reading

Library of the Dead Library of the Dead
by Glenn Cooper
Start date: September 10, 2012

White Corridor White Corridor
by Christopher Fowler
Start date: September 10, 2012

The Cruelest Month The Cruelest Month
by Louise Penny
Start date: September 10, 2012

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Our meeting agenda:

  • Discussion of the selected books – This is not a heavy discussion. We don't get into "what was the meaning behind" but do more liked it, hated it, why, and whether you would read more by that author.
  • What else did you read? – Round-the-group discussion – We each talk briefly about other books we've read during the month
  • Selection of future books – It is helpful if members arrive early to troll the store’s mystery section and pull books which look interesting to them for nomination. We then review the possible selections and vote on which to read two-months out.

We select the 3 books for 2-months out. The books must be available in paperback or available from the library, and we try to have different types (cozy, medium-dark, dark) so everyone has at least one book that appeals to them. We try to keep to this but, with more books being released as trade paperbacks, we will, occasionally, select one in that format.

New members, both local and remote, are welcome.

Questions? Email LJ Roberts, coordinator of the East Bay Mystery Readers’ Group.


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