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EBMRG on Goodreads – Several years ago, we discovered Goodreads, a site for readers and collectors. Corona, our clever Webmaven, created a group site for us there. While this link will take you to the group’s home page, there is a lot of other information there, including the following:
  • Reading for Following Meetings:
    In order to give our members plenty of time to find the books, we choose selections for at least two months out. In other words, during our January meeting, we will select the books to be read for March. Learn what books are coming up next.
  • Ratings Key:
    It’s always easier to use the same definitions when rating books. While not perfect, LJ, our group coordinator, developed this system for her reviews so we apply it to the group reads as well.

    EX – A top read; lacked any noticeable flaws. 
    VG+ – Close to excellent with only one or two small quibbles.
    VG – Enthused about it; very well done for its genre.
    G+ – Enjoyed it very much.
    G/Good – Enjoyed the book.
    Okay – Enjoyed it but with significant reservations. Only okay. 
    Poor – Wasn't awful, but wasn't good either. Finished it with difficulty. 
    NR – Did not work for me. Would not recommend this book to others. 
    DNF – Awful. Read more than 50 pages but did not finish.
    DNS – So badly done it did not even survive the 50-page test. 

  • EBMRG Reviews of the Group Reads:
    So what did we think of the books we’ve read? Take a look at the write-up from each meeting.
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  • What We’ve Read:
    Going back to the beginning; here are PDF lists of all the books we’ve read from 1994 to December of last year and the average rate given, sorted by:


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