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Some of our members have their created their own blogs. Check in and see what is being said.

It is purely my opinion – LJ Roberts blogs about books, crochet and how the two sometimes interconnect.

If any of our members have a blog they would like included, please send an email and tell us about it.

On-Line Mystery Groups

There are numerous on-line mystery groups. Here are links to just a few:

DorothyL – Started by a group of librarians at a July 1991 Washington, D.C. meeting of the Association of Research Libraries and named in honor of one of the greatest mystery writers.

Yahoo Groups

4 Mystery Addicts – Join your fellow bookaholics and discover new authors, great books, and the latest in mystery happenings. Every month they have a formal discussion of two books selected by the group plus one book in an ongoing series, as well as daily discussions of what they are reading and what's happening in the world of crime fiction.

CrimeThruTime – A group dedicated to historical mysteries.

Detective Today – Detective Today focuses the works of authors (1980-present) in the genre of fictional PI and similar characters.

MysteryReaderCafe – A friendly book group where members chat about mysteries, such as British, amateur sleuth, private detective, humorous, hard-boiled, historical and many more!

ParanormalRomance – Because mystery readers often wander over into the genre of paranormal romance, I’ve included this group as well.

Feel free to contact us about other on-line groups you’d like to see added to this list.

Mystery and other Useful Websites

AddAll – If you’re looking for a good used copy, even a signed copy, of a book and want to be able to comparison shop, here is a great resource which gives you access to booksellers worldwide.

Criminal History – Criminal History is an amateur website by Alan J. Bishop from the U.K. It is for fans and writers of historical crime fiction. It’s main intention is to promote the genre of crime fiction set, or written, in the historical past. It also wants to provide resources and aids for readers of it too. (Full disclosure: LJ provides reviews to Criminal History)

Fantastic Fiction – Did you ever wonder where I get the lists of an author’s work and the story synopsis for our monthly flyers? It is from this wonderful, very helpful website.

I Love a Mystery – Reviews; lots of reviews of mystery fiction. Each reviewer has their own page of reviews. (Full disclosure: LJ provides reviews to I Love a Mystery)

Mystery File – Blog – What started as a print magazine has, over time, morphed into a website and then a blog focused on mystery-related articles, movie reviews and book reviews. (Full disclosure: LJ provides reviews to MysteryFile)

Solving the Code – is a site where you can learn about some great mystery novels, authors, television shows, films, and even real life entertainment!

Stop, You’re Killing Me! – Stop, You’re Killing Me! is a resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. As well as having chronological lists of author’s books, it breaks them down by Location, Job, Historical periods, Diversity, Genre and even Read-Alikes.

What have I forgotten? Just let me know.


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